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Les Drayes du Vercors
Table of points of interest

Technical informations

49.5 km

2910 m 2910 m

1458 m 333 m

From La Chapelle en Vercors, the historic Trail "Les Drayes" will pass through the communes of Echevis, Chatelus, Saint-Martin en Vercors and Saint Julien en Vercors.

This emblematic race of the event is very often modified at each edition to enjoy this wonderful playground that offers us the massif. Technical and demanding, it requires vigilance and good preparation. But the magnificent scenery of the Grands Goulets, the "Pas de l'Allier" or the plain of Herbouilly will be a good compensation for your efforts!

Did you know? The name "Drayes" comes from the small path coming from the passage of wild or domestic animals in pastures or in forests.

3D Route
Table of points of interest